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Hi, I'm Helen Wendy Cooper and I love writing for children!

Thank you for visiting my website, ple​ase explore my pages and I'd love to hear from you on my contact page!

Helen was a Judge for CITV'S Share a Story!

Facts about Helen!​

- Helen lives in Worcestershire with her partner Andy, their little girl Munchers, two cats, two crested geckos, two tortoises and lots of fish... Helen is crazy about animals!

- Helen started writing when she was 14 years old, creating her first ideas on SHAPE LAND for her GCSE child development coursework.

- Helen trained as a Nursery Nurse but then joined the Army to be a Military Musician.

- Helen started studying how to be a writer in the Army and wrote for Military magazines, including Fanfare.

- Helen loves reading children's made up stories and was a judge for CITV Share a Story and Radio 2's 500 Words.

- Helen's had six children's books published and one eBook for adults, called Life Outside the Cat Flap.

- Helen's favourite food is a jacket spud with cheese and beans!