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Helen Wendy Cooper

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Helen Wendy Cooper loves writing exciting books for children and fun short stories for adults!

Here's some fun facts all about Helen!

  • Helen was a judge along with Michael Rosen for CITV Share a Story 2017 and BBC 2's radio 500 words 2018!
  • Helen lives in Worcestershire with her partner, daughter, two Purr-fect cats and two tortoises!
  • Helen wrote her first Shape Land book for her Child Development GCSE, and she got an A. This book has never been published but it set off her Shape Land adventure.
  • Helen's first ever published short story was for My Weekly, about a rescued rhino.
  • Helen's favorite meal is a jacket potato with baked beans and cheese!
  • Helen plays the French horn and loves listening to music.
  • When Helen isn't writing, she is often dancing with her daughter to crazy tunes which make them giggle!
  • Helen's favourite children's authors are David Walliams, Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl.
  • Helen loves visiting schools to read her stories and do writing workshops with the children.

Here's a photo of Rupert as a kitten, the star of Life Outside the Cat Flap!  He's also helped to inspire the third Vegetarian Vampire book, The Vampire Cat - to be released soon!

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