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Helen offers a book writing and Illustrating service for businesses, to help market and promote them. 

Below are three companies whom have benefitted from having a book published with Helen. She's written and illustrated children's books for these companies, with a business information page at the back, business logos on marketing materials and continued promotion at author visits to schools, libraries and events.

Having a children's book is a great way to get your business noticed! It encourages children and their families to want to visit you, to use your services!

Please email Helen for a quote and more information at [email protected]

Cob House Country Park & Mayfly Cafe


Helen and Rob Taylor, owners of Cob House Country Park & Mayfly Cafe, wanted a children's book written about one of their reindeers, which live on site.

Helen wrote Rudy the Reindeer, a beautiful story book for 5-7 year olds, which became the gift at Cob House Country Park's 'Breakfast with Santa' mornings and an item for the Mayfly Café to sell, to make a profit.

Helen toured with Rudy the Reindeer and the children she visited couldn't wait to go to Cob House Country park to meet the main character of the book!

Tenbury Mistletoe Association


Tenbury Mistletoe Association contacted Helen as they wanted help to advertise their Mistletoe Festival and to help educate local children on the importance of mistletoe.

They are a non-profit organisation and the UK capitol of mistletoe.

Helen wrote The Kissing Tree, a rhyming picture book for children aged 0-5, about a Jackdaw hoping for love under the mistletoe.

With lots of amazing mistletoe facts throughout, Children fell in love with Jack the Jackdaw and The Mistletoe Association became a local household name!

DWAEC (Dinosaur Wildlife and Education Center)

Helen is currently working on a rhyming picture book called My Hairy Pet Tarantula, for DWAEC as part of their upcoming marketing campaign.

DWAEC is an educational company that offers unique presentations and displays on animals, past and present, from Dinosaurs to today's living creatures.

Helen's enjoying doing a day's voluntary work once a week, to learn about the animals, how to handle them and inspire her writing!

My Hairy Pet Tarantula is going to be a creepy crawlingly good story and help children with a fear of spiders!